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Solo Exhibition at miró, Zürich

Industrious Cities.jpg

available at Lars Müller Publishers

With photographs by Iwan Baan, Géraldine Recker, Jos Schmid, Joël Tettamanti

Strelka Schaefer.jpg

Photographs for Strelka Magazine: A beautiful essay by Markus Schaefer on urbanism in Switzerland

Pachacámac: A Room for Archaeologists and Kids | a documentary film on a ETH Studio Project

Contribution in DAS MAGAZIN N°47

photographs and text on one of the biggest cemeteries of the world

photo 16

Exhibition at Photo16 in the Maag Halle Zürich


Contribution in the trans Magazin kuratiert

on the silent beauty of Swiss public swimming pools

trans normiert eth

Contribution in the trans Magazin normiert

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